Corporate Law

The Corporate Law team of Fırat Gültekin & Partners Law Firm provides our clients with all the legal consultancy services they need such as legal accompaniment in commercial meetings, interactive connection during the day, regular visits upon  request, preparation of monthly and annual reports, and the appointment of lawyers to their headquarters if necessary.

Our commitment is to take an active part in all of the legal processes of our clients.

The main services offered by our Corporate Law Attorney team include:

  • The preparation of board of directors resolutions and internal directives
  • The amendment of the article of association for local and foreign client companies by taking into account their organizational structure
  • The preparation and negotiation of all kinds of contracts needed on a sectoral basis, such as those for concessions, franchises, agencies; loans, work, service, management; licenses, distributorships; transportation, sales, export registered sales; construction, subcontractor; and the review and amendment of existing contracts by our Contract Law Lawyer team and their evaluation from a commercial point of view
  • The execution of company merger and acquisition processes, the examination of all kinds of legal documents and due diligence
  • The provision of legal consultancy and consultancy services by our Merger and Acquisition Lawyer team
  • The establishment of branches or liaison offices of foreign companies in Turkey; the establishment of companies with domestic or foreign capital
  • The implementation of the foundation and association establishment transactions requested by the clients, apart from the establishment of a company
  • The participation in general assembly meetings
  • The provision of legal consultancy services to the client companies and taking necessary actions regarding processes related to the dissolution of the company by court decision, liquidation, or decision of the general assembly, according to the company type
  • The excecution of the necessary compliance studies of companies with special and specific laws such as Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce and the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data and the
  • The provision of any training necessary to the company management and employees within the scope of consultancy services

In addition to these, Fırat Gültekin and Partners provide legal consultancy services in the field of company law within the scope of the Foreign Direct Investments Law No. 4875, Turkish Commercial Law No. 6102, and other relevant legislation.

Please visit our contact page for more detailed information about Fırat Gültekin & Partners Law Firm and our Corparate Law Attorney staff. Fırat Gültekin & Partners Law Firm has been providing quality, innovative solutions to its domestic and foreign clients in Istanbul since 2005.