Mergers and Acquisitions

Fırat Gültekin & Partners Law Firm provides various services on company mergers and acquisitions. In merge and acquisitions matters, our lawyers analyze the financial, strategic, operational, and other goals of our clients  and provide the necessary legal support with their corporate perspective,

Our office assists clients on  a variety of issues from asset sales, stock sales, reverse, exit or cash-out mergers, leveraged buy-outs, and employee stock options to venture capital transactions, strategic alliances, and joint  ventures. We also help our clients access financing with private placements  and initial debt or equity public offerings.

Apart from these, we provide for the preparation, negotiation, and enforcement of share transfer agreements and other transfer transaction documents; the execution of all legal and bureaucratic transactions before and after mergers, divisions, or acquisitions; the closing of transactions, as well as consultancy; and advocacy in all similar matters required by the client companies.

Please visit our contact page for more detailed information and references about Fırat Gültekin & Partners Law Firm and our merger/acquisition lawyers. Fırat Gültekin & Partners Law Firm has been providing quality, innovative solutions to its domestic and foreign clients in Istanbul since 2005.