How to Get a Potential Tax Number in Turkey?

Importance of Tax Number in Turkey

Tax number (TIN) is required in many official transactions in Turkey. You may need to get a tax number/potential tax number for various reasons. You will have to get a tax number if you want to;

  • open a bank account,
  • buy property,
  • establish a company,
  • carry out commercial activities,
  • or apply for residence permit in Turkey.

Getting a potential tax number does not automatically cause to tax liability, but it helps foreigners to do official transactions in Turkey.

Required Documents for Tax Number to Establish a Company in Turkey

If you want to establish a company in Turkey, you should get a potential tax number/tax number (vergi numarası) first. The companies must get potential tax number for their non-Turkish shareholders and board members to be registered with the relevant trade registry office. Required documents to get a tax number while establishing a company in Turkey can be listed as;

  • decision on requesting registration,
  • company’s articles of association,
  • if you want a lawyer to carry out all these transactions, a power of attorney that show the authority to act on behalf the company is also required.

All documents must be notarized and apostilled. Depends on your country, you may have to double legalize these documents instead of getting a apostille certificate.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Tax Number in Turkey

Getting a tax number to establish a company in Turkey is not a long nor expensive process, as long as you provide necessary documents to Turkish Tax Offices or our lawyers that assist you to get a tax number/potential tax number.

After presenting above-mentioned documents to relevant Tax Offices, ten-digit tax number assigned to company in such a short period. Also, tax offices do not request any fee for tax number. So, getting a tax number to establish a company is a free of charge application.

Companies can carry out commercial activities, open bank accounts, buy properties and do other various official transactions, once they got a tax number.
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